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May 11, 2019




Name: Paul O' Farrell                    


D.O.B.    03/01/1997                    


Favourite Pastime outside of sport: Travelling. Walking the dog down the Weirs. Can't  beat it.             


Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones                


Favourite Movie: Inside Man                 


Sporting Hero: Roy Keane                


Earliest Memory of Playing for Macroom: U6/8's training with Dan Creedon below in the Castle Grounds. Rollie pollies were part of every warm up. Great memories.        


If you could attend any sporting event what would it be?: Champions League Final if United were playing Barca or Madrid. Unreal.    


Biggest influence: Mam and Dad. Very lucky to have had such good football trainers all the way up too.                


Superstitions or match day routines: Spare everything.             


Favourite Macroom player past or present: Signore Sean Kiely. Class act. Have to mention Dunnzer and Concubhar Murray too, who were always very encouraging playing when with the Juniors.          


Best part of playing for Macroom: Playing with friends and the buzz after a win.         


Most important skill in hurling/football: Kickpassing        


All time favourite GAA Player: Could pick any member of the Cork 2010 panel but I'll go with Donncha O' Connor. Serious forward.         


Three famous people to share a Connie Hurley's with: Lewis Capaldi, Will Smith and Martin Luther King for more of a serious element.     


Advice to younger/older players: Don't be too disheartened if you're not starting with underage teams and train away mad. Attitude is everything.            


Have you ever taken a short cut while running the golf course: Wouldn't dream of it.

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