Munster U10 Go Games Blitzes 2019

September 25, 2019

Munster GAA Coaching & Games Development will be holding our annual U10 Go Games Monster Blitzes on Sat Oct 12th 2019. The Gaelic Football Blitz will be held in Mallow GAA Complex Co. Cork, while the Hurling blitz will be held in Dr. Morris Park Thurles. All clubs are asked to insure that they are available to attend before submitting the forms. Interested clubs are asked to fill out the google form below before Wednesday Oct 02nd. Entry will only be accepted through this form.

All clubs are expected to supply a young referee for the blitz.

Please see below the rules for the hurling blitzes highlighted in Gray and the rules for the Gaelic Football blitzes highlighted in blue.

Hurling Rules for the Blitz

1 Play commences with a throw in.

2 The side-to-side (shoulder) charge is permitted.

3 Players can either play the sliotar on the ground or lift and strike it (without catching) during the first 3 minutes of each half. Players are permitted to lift the sliotar into the hand and take 4 steps before striking it for the remaining 9 minutes of each half.

4 The goalkeeper is permitted to catch or lift the sliotar into the hand with the hurley and take 4 steps before striking it.

5 Solo running with the sliotar on the hurley is not permitted by any player including the goalkeeper.

6 A player who is fouled takes his own free. Free pucks may be taken by roll, jab lift or from the ground.

7 When a player fouls the sliotar e.g. over carries it, the opposing player nearest to the sliotar takes the free puck.

8 When a team plays the sliotar over the sideline, the nearest opposing player — within the zone — takes the sideline puck

9 When a team plays the sliotar over its own end line, the other team is awarded a free puck on the halfway line opposite where the sliotar crossed the end line to be taken by a mid-fielder.

10 Opposing players must be at least 10m away from the player taking a free puck, sideline puck or puck out. Free pucks should be no closer than 20m from the opposing end line.

11 Players are not permitted to kick the sliotar but if the ball strikes the foot or leg of a player this does not constitute a foul.

Playing a under-10 Go-Game

1 games will be played at 9-a-side games consisting of 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 mid-fielder and 3 attackers in every team.

2 Playing area 65 metres x 40 metres (4 playing areas fit in gaa field).

3 Players remain within the zone to which they are assigned - midfielders can enter both zones but must return to the mid-field area for any free, sideline or puck out.

4 A Go-Game Blitz should consist of 2 games,of 2 halves of 12 minutes with a 5-minute break at half time. A 3rd game of 10 minutes per half can be played if time is available. Blitzes should be a maximum of 2 hours, (eg from 10am to 12pm) beginning to end.

5 Players rotate positions (i.e. backs become forwards etc)

6 Mid-field players should also be changed.

7 Every child should play at least one half in every Go-Game.

8 Every team should endeavour to use 2 goalkeepers per Go-Game.

9 Every team should play a minimum of 2 Go-Games per blitz.

10 All players must wear a helmet with full facial protection.

Scoring system

1 1 point for all scores (goals & points)


1 Slalom poles plus space cones for marking the two zones.

2 Bibs for the mid-fielders, who can roam throughout the pitch

3 Quick Touch or Smart Touch sliotars should be used in all the Go-Games.

Gaelic Football Ruls for the Blitz:

• There are ONLY 2 Zones

• Back & Forwards MUST remain in their own Zone

• U10 Go Games use the Quick Touch football

• Play commences with throw up

• Referee to advance the goal keeper to the 10m line to kick out the ball

• The side to side shoulder charge is permitted

• The ball is lifted from the ground by placing the toe under the ball

• When the ball is fouled (over carried)the opposition player nearest the ball takes the free

• When the ball goes out of play the player nearest to the ball takes the kick

• Players are restricted to one bounce and one toe tap per possession. Four steps rule applies

• When a defender plays the ball over their own end line, the opposition team is awarded a 35m kick

• Opposing players to be at least 5m from player taking free, sideline or kick out

• Frees to be no closer than 13m from end line

Scoring system

• A goal is equal to one point

Playing a Under 10 Go-Game

There are to be no A & B club squads

1. There are no medals, group tables and therefore no winners

2. All club mentors should enter into the spirit of the Go Games and these are

• Fun

• Total inclusion – where possible there should be NO sub’s

• Player skill development through the promotion of the Skill Pt’s

• Fair play

3. Clubs with multiple teams should divide their players into balanced teams (Not create A or B team’s)


1 Pitch Size. 65m length x sideline to nearest post of the adult goalposts.

2 Slalom poles to be used for goals

3 Go-Game consists of 2 halves of 12 minutes with a 5-minute break at half time

4 Players rotate positions (i.e. backs become forwards etc) simply by changing the Goalkeeper.

5 Every team to change the goalkeeper for each game

6 Midfield players MUST be changed at half time & MUST be identified by different coloured bibs to help referee’s identify them

7 Every child should play at least 1 half in every Go-Game.

8 Every Team will receive 3 Go-Games per Blitz.

To participate please click on the following link:

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