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Player Profile - Michael Cronin

March 15, 2019

Name: Michael Cronin

D.O.B. 01/04/1995

Favourite Pastime outside of sport: Golf

Favourite TV Show: Home and Away

Favourite Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Sporting Hero: Fintan Goold

Earliest Memory of Playing for Macroom: U8 Training Sunday Morning down the Castle Grounds

If you could attend any sporting event what would it be? Rugby World Cup Final

Biggest influence: John Angland

Superstitions or match day routines: Eat two hours before you leave the house for the game and try not to think about the match until you're in the dressing room.

Favourite Macroom player past or present: Pat Kelleher

Best part of playing for Macroom: No better feeling than winning a championship game wearing the green and white.

Most important skill in hurling/football: Kicking with both legs which I am still yet to master.

All time favourite GAA Player: James Masters

Three famous people to share a Connie Hurley's with:  No better lads to share with than Sean Kiely and Johnnie Murphy

Advice to younger/older players: Listen to the older lads, they've been there and done that so they know what they're on about

Have you ever taken a short cut while running the golf course: Never - it's a mortal sin

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