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May 11, 2019



Name: Fintan Goold                    


D.O.B.  30.04.1986                    


Favourite Pastime outside of sport: Cork Coffee Roasters Bridge Street of a Saturday afternoon            


Favourite TV Show: The Sopranos                


Favourite Movie: One flew over the Cuckoos nest                


Sporting Hero: Tiger Woods                


Earliest Memory of Playing for Macroom: U10 training in Castle Grounds under the watchful eye of Jock Neville sitting on his deck chair!        


If you could attend any sporting event what would it be?: US Masters in Augusta    


Biggest influence: Both my parents - always supportive through my playing career                


Superstitions or match day routines: None that spring to mind            


Favourite Macroom player past or present: Tim ‘Bonzo’ O’Sullivan. Great player for Macroom for so many years. If you cut him he’d bleed green & white        

Best part of playing for Macroom: Playing with life long friends & the buzz of big championships days        


Most important skill in hurling/football. Accurate kickpassing off both feet        


All time favourite GAA Player: Stephen O’Brien of Nemo & Cork        


Three famous people to share a Connie Hurley's with: Trump, Putin & Kim Jung Un         


Advice to younger/older players:  To younger players, stick at it even if you are not winning....fortune favors the brave in the end. To older players, play as long as you can (or your wife allows you!)’ll be a long time retired             


Have you ever taken a short cut while running the golf course: No, however recently at my age the idea has become very tempting!


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